Mojo Bleu is a mother-daughter partnership born out of the passion to design and create dreamy, timeless, yet, on-trend gold and silver gemstone jewelry collections for the woman that desire to dress up every  moment with her own unique spark.

Pam Alston and Cheryl May, our mother-daughter team, brings a formal background in fine art and artisan crafted collectables, coupled with the desire to create beautiful, memorable pieces that dress up the every-day and special moments of a woman’s life.

     Our artists’ studios are located in the foothills of Northern California and the high desert in Nevada. The jewelry pieces we offer are first conceived  from designs that we create out of the inspiration for timeless, feminine and delicate pieces. We design and fabricate all of Mojo Bleu's offerings in our studios in California and Nevada.

 Contact Mojo Bleu :  Pam Alston & Cheryl May