The time has come for the re-launch of the mighty Moke. It has been 20 years since mass production of the Moke stopped and the world has definitely changed since the early nineties. As new markets have emerged and cost saving options are realised through manufacturing in SE Asia, the Moke has once again become a viable car to market throughout the world. Moke International along with Chery International/Sicar Engineering are bringing back the Moke with full production of the much loved car.

The Moke is a unique vehicle which is one of the most recognized cars in the world. It has a rock star status while still appealing to the masses. In Australia and the UK, everyone has a story about a Moke they once owned or their friends’ Moke in which they had the time of their lives. It’s a car that’s alone in its class and has no competition.
It's time to start having FUN, again!