MoKooL Sports Games is a spin-off of MoKooL Apps which was started in 2012. MoKooL Apps brought to the app store hundreds of fun and exciting small games which where a superb success.

After 4 years of building a wide range of quality mobile games for Apple, Android and Amazon on MoKooL Games, we have now expanded our focus and are launching a new line of sports games on MoKooL Sports Games, which are sure to please.

We strive to be your first choice for playing fun multiplayer sports games on your mobile phone or tablet.

Our first game - World Hockey Championships is a multiplayer real time hockey game where you can play one-on-one against each other or join a larger 8 player tournament and take it all. Play for a few minutes or enjoy hours of hockey fun playing 1 on 1 or in an epic hockey tournament to bring glory to your home team.

At MoKooL Sports Games we want to be your first choice when choosing and playing sports games on your mobile device.  Give our sports games a try and you won't be disappointed!

Learn more at www.mokoolsportsgames.com