Mold In Graphic Systems® is a leading manufacturer of graphics and enhancement products for plastic products distributed worldwide. Est 1983. We make permanent graphics and labels for polyethylene, polypropylene, TPO, nylon and vinyl that decorate and add value to molded products. All of our graphics and products are put through a series of torture tests and can survive any harsh condition imaginable. There’s no other permanent graphic system like it in the world. Our motto is Tattoo your plastic! This differentiates MIGS® from other graphics which are not true permanent graphics.

The company's new iMIG graphic is completely fused to polyethylene products and is 100% recyclable with the product. Originally developed for injection-molded products, it can also be used with blow-molded, thermoformed, structural foam-molded, sheet- and profile-extruded and rotationally molded products.

Our Enhancement Products include the top-selling Surface Enhancer® 360 which makes rotational molding easier and better polyehylene products. Color in Systems®  and Color On Systems® give brilliant color to products. Another product, PL-S® Parting Line Sealer™, lets molders repair their mold and Patch 'N Go® repairs finished products. In addition, Mold In Graphic Systems makes and sells: RMC3® Rotational Molding Compound, AntiSkid, Abrasion Coating, Mold Release Remover and specialized Adhesives. To make graphic application faster, we offer the MIGS® Power Burnisher.