At Chef Molly Culinary Artistry ingredients are seasonal and fresh, selected from the finest organic and sustainable products from local producers whenever possible. Each catering event we produce provides us the opportunity to support our community and preserve the environment to the best of our ability.

We strive to create playful and innovative dishes that are approachable and unique in flavor and presentation.

Custom menus may include International Cuisine, Vegetarian, Vegan, California Cuisine, Comfort Food, American Regional selections, and more.  We are always learning and growing in our knowledge and expertise.

Our mission is to provide an unparalleled culinary experience.  

Our job is to make you look good.

We are forever setting Chef Molly Culinary Artistry standards higher.   Chef Molly has fostered a culture of love and passion in all her work.  The truth and integrity she brings to the kitchen is the same that she brings to her office and to the event site.

You will enjoy your experience with Chef Molly and her team from beginning to end.

Orange County & Southern California's Best Catering Services for Weddings, Social/Private Parties, Corporate Events, Non-Profit/Charity Fundraisers, Galas & Large Events, Contract Catering, Political Fundraisers, Craft Services and all other types of celebrations.

Chef Molly Culinary Artistry is the number one trend setting culinary arts company that is sought after by the best customers and the most dedicated employees.

Special Table Services

•Buffet Service
•Family Service
•Sit-down Service
•English Service
•French Service
•Russian Service
•American Service
•Silver Service

Other Catering Services

•Wait Staff
•Bar Service
•Party Rentals
•Concierge Service
•Floral Arrangements
•Valet Parking
•and more