Headquartered in historic Wilmington, NC and started in 2008, Momentum Performance produces high quality, high performance, automotive aftermarket products.

Momentum Performance was created to Push Forward the high performance automotive aftermarket industry to better serve the desires and needs of the automotive enthusiast and their dealers. This commitment to Push Forward applies to the entire Momentum Performance team.

Core to the Push Forward mentality is the dedication to providing the auto enthusiast with a clearly defined progression path as they Push Forward with added products over time. For so many auto enthusiasts their car is a work in progress. For this reason, our products are specially engineered to make moving forward with customizing a vehicle efficient and cost effective. The upgrade path starts out at the basic level with high performance Cold Air Intakes or an Exhaust System and moves through to higher performance products including Headers and Turbo Kits.

Progression allows the enthusiast to enjoy initial performance increases with their first purchase, and then confidently add components (that are designed to work together) in phases of progression toward their end goal. At any phase, they can pause and enjoy the reliable performance that Momentum Performance parts and components provide, or Push Forward without having to replace or discard parts already purchased, saving time and money.

Products: Intakes - Exhaust - Suspension - Turbo Kits - Accessories
Email: info@momentumperformance.com