The kind of constant developments and insane levels of growth that a few industries have experienced over the years can be attributed to so many different factors. One includes the latest tech advent and trends that have been governing major sectors of the world today. However, one cannot deny how a few business heads, innovators, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and experts have been achieving forward growth in those industries and imbuing more hope, positivity, and motivation amongst the many budding talents of the world. The F&B [Food & Beverage] industry is one to have noticed the rise of many brands and businesses especially pre Covid 19 and along with the rise of tremendously talented Chefs and Food Industry specialists.

Recently, we came to know that Chef Benjamin Epicure has announced his Live Webinar on Perfect Chef on 13th September 2022. The award-winning 5-Star Rated Chef and Michelin Star trained along side the best culinary talents in the world will spearhead this much-talked-about Live Webinar. His goal is finding other ways to inspire other budding Chefs of vying to make their mark in the ever-so-competitive food industry.

All those who not only love to eat but also live, and stay healthy by consuming fresh food are in for a treat as the award-winner top Gourmet Chef will be

broadcasting live to share his insights, knowledge, and much more. This passionate food lover and artist is known for creating masterpieces in Italian, French, and Japanese cuisine.

Apart from gaining more headlines for his upcoming Live Webinar on Perfect Chef, Epicure is also well-known as one of the top ranked culinary instructors in America. Providing food industry consulting to large hotel chains and high end restaurants. Creating world-class recipes and cuisines have earned him well-deserved love, respect, and adulation in and outside the food industry.

For more updates on his upcoming live webinar, check out his Instagram @chefbenjaminepicure and website www.BenjaminEpicure.com