Mom’s Shopping Engine (MSE) was born at the beginning of 2011 and is the first shopping engine to focus solely on handmade, unique; mom invented and pre-owned baby & kid related products.

Founded by two military moms, who like most Moms are always on the hunt for unique products or deals, MSE is a one stop shop where in one search you will find everything a shopping –savvy mom could be looking for - stylish and high quality children's clothing, practical mom-invented products and gently used baby and kids items.

MSE is also the place where Moms can list and sell their used items for free. By building your virtual store on MSE, you would not only be able to list all of your items in one place, sell them on national or international level, but also share your sale with friends, family and followers on Facebook or Twitter.

In addition, Moms will also find timely and interesting product reviews, hot product picks, crafts, recipes and an array of articles that would help moms navigate their way through motherhood without wasting time and effort on searching through the millions of sites on the web.

What exactly is MSE? (FAQs):

What do you sell?

The truth is...We don’t sell anything. We are merely the gateway between small business owners (most of them mompreneurs) and parents like you looking for boutique and innovative baby and kid products at affordable prices.
We index data from the small on-line stores, that are in most cases hard to find in a regular Internet search, and allow users to easily navigate their way among stylish children's clothing, mom-invented products, and second-hand baby and kid’s items. Once you click on the buy button you will be re-directed to the merchant website where you can find a more detail description and can purchase the item if you choose.

What kind of products would I find on MSE?

The products you will find here are mostly handcrafted, created or sold by moms. You will not find products that are sold by the major retails and could be found at your local mall. Most of the items we “index” are sold only on-line and in small boutiques. If you love dressing and gearing up your little one with unique and trendy products then you will love Mom's Shopping Engine.

I am a small business owner. How do I get my products indexed on MSE?

We offer a free trial to get started and then indexing plans start as low as $5 a month. E-mail us your on-line store URL and we will get back to you within 2 days.

How can I sell my gently used baby products on MSE?

In 3 easy steps that take less than 10 minutes.

1. Register on our website
2. Create a virtual store
3. Share your virtual store with your friends, family and followers. As fellow moms we know it is easier and preferred to sell/buy items within your social circle so we have made it easier then ever to share your virtual store via email, Facebook or Twitter. For each item you list in your store you can choose whether you would like to sell locally or if you are willing to ship nationwide.

Sign up for our weekly newsletter, register on MSE, like our Facebook page, join us on Twitter or plug our RSS feed into your favorite reader to stay up to date on the latest and greatest at Mom’s Shopping Engine.