Mochachino Music is a independent music imprint label that produces what it calls “High Fashion Music”.

Fashion shares a kinship with music in a myriad of ways, both continually evolving with the times. Whether it’s a music video or runway show, it is the music that delivers the visual  presentation.

The music label serves as an extension of the fashion design brand Mochachino: LA/NY.  The idea was conceived by the brand’s Creative Director, Sabre Mochachino as the soundtrack to the brand’s exciting fashion designs & products.  Sabre explains, “For close to two decades the world has been able to “see” our brands progression and the overall lifestyle of our creations. This was a way to allow to the world to” hear” the exciting and energetic sound of Mochachino”.

Mochachino: LA/NY has been a family operated business since it’s inception and as such Sabre’s younger sister, Tam Mochachino has been chosen to assume the helm as President to  the new music label.

The label will continue to produce energetic and audibly alluring music that resonates not only the sound of Mochachino, but also other projects that has a high fashion or lifestyle appeal.