With offices in Malibu, London and New York, Monarch advises their clients on prime residential properties, sales and acquisitions for their real estate portfolios, in the US, London and beyond; directing over one billion in real estate since 1998.  With each client, Monarch achieves excellence through bespoke service, expert proficiency in interpreting their individual needs and incredible attention to details – creating an unparalleled experience and constantly raising the bar for luxury living.

Real estate is the number one investment in the world. Monarch has an off-the-radar list of properties including developments and hotel/resort opportunities to give clients a lead on the rest of the market.  Additionally, due to their extensive experience working with high net worth individuals, Monarch can help establish bespoke real estate plans that will maximize profit for a client’s real estate portfolio and ensure a smooth process.

Monarch Real Estate Concierge offers veritable full service real estate concierge services.   For Monarch, it’s not only about the essentials involved in real estate transactions; it’s about truly knowing and understanding their client’s lifestyle at the core.  Going beyond the contract and taking care of the extraordinary with our concierge services.  Having the expertise to know when a property doesn’t work for our clients overall real estate portfolio plan because our estate management services qualify the properties that make the most financial sense.  Our full service comes full circle: before, during, after closings and beyond!  Beyond the paperwork, beyond the mechanics of the home, to the heart of what matters – their clients.  For more information, visit: http://www.monarchrealestateconcierge.com/.