Your furniture, your television, your mobile phone… They’re all original, not cheap copies. Shouldn't your art be original too? Monde Art allows you to rent or buy inspiring art online that matches your lifestyle and aesthetic. Monde Art is a managed marketplace to Buy, Rent or Commission original art. We turn a photo into an original oil painting in a few simple steps. Helping you honour the memory of a departed Parent or Grandparent. Immortalize a baby’s childhood. Preserve the joy of a Wedding forever. Create a wonderful gift for a friend you love or a person you respect. Hand-painted portraits (in oil or watercolour) are an exceptional memento of milestones in life.

And if you're someone who designs, owns or manages properties, you’ve probably struggled for inspiring solutions in Art. We can help you create bespoke artwork or curate art to suit any environment. Your space is yours. You have particular colour themes in your décor, or particular size limitations. Or particular preferences. If you have a vision for your home or office, our panel of 200+ Artists at Monde Art Studio can create exactly what you need. We’ve already worked on over 200,000 square feet of home and offices from Singapore and Dubai to Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

Checkout out our story to know who we really are. We were born into this. We love Art. We were born in an organization that has a decade-plus legacy in Art, Design and Communication. And our offices are our laboratory, being filled with murals, sculpture, paintings, mixed-media. In some part of our office you will find an example of work in Paper, Ink, Plastic, Metal, 3D extrusion and even Nails, Screws and discarded electronic components! And more importantly we have evolved from a studio. We first started an Art Studio, which created acclaimed Artworks for some of the largest corporate clients in the country. Monde Art was born to take the same quality of Art to individuals (in addition to companies) and also provide easy options (like renting) to bring Art into your lives.

We are in love with Art. But we’re not All Artists. To know more about us visit www.mondeart.com