Monetum allows you to experience the best of both worlds by building a bridge between fiat and cryptocurrency and to help and inspire people about the future of money. At the core of Monetum's solution is a centralised crypto-fiat-crypto exchange and gateway. The Exchange also operates as a traditional exchange allowing users to trade their crypto and fiat currencies. The integration with their fiat partner will enable clients to link their crypto holding to a fully regulated IBAN. The fiat payment /gateway portal bridging crypto to fiat is an EU compliant and regulated entity.
The in-depth experience of Marco Lavanna, Founder and Chairman of Monetum, in the world of legacy payments and his successful contribution to pre-bitcoin projects like eGold in the late nineties led him to create Monetum, which enables and arms businesses and individuals with capabilities, resources, and solutions that contribute to their success whether it be sending money, running a marketplace, accepting payments, investing in crypto, or simply trading.
Join Monetum's new economy for Better Payments, Better Trading, Better Money.