Money Express has been working hard in the background to ensure that their product, the Money Express Prepaid MasterCard, remains at the forefront of the prepaid card market.
From their innovative Money in Minutes technology – allowing their card holders to share funds from card to card using a mobile phone at the fraction of the cost of high street agencies.  This technology frees the consumer from the constraints of high street opening times and the almost staggering costs relating to cash transfers Money Express only charge 2.5% for this service.
To their impressive loading options some of which allows the funds to be spent from the card immediately.  They are pleased to announce an extra loading option because they realise not everyone has access to online banking or a debit card.  They have added Paypoint Voucher top ups, a customer logs in to their secure online account area types in the amount they wish to top up, prints the voucher and takes it to their local Paypoint store.  They simply hand over the barcode and the cash, their card will be loaded in an hour.
This is an ideal load source for those people how really don’t want to use their debit card details at all online, on simple visit to their local Paypoint store and the transaction is complete with funds available within an hour.
Money Express also said they are looking in to many other offerings for their customers some of which will be of immediate benefit to their customers.