A uniquely powerful concept whose time has come.

What is Moneylogic and how can it transform your financial future?

Moneylogic is a membership-based association of American consumers who wish to regain control of their lives, and reduce the stress associated with today’s financial challenges. The centerpiece of Moneylogic's value is a remarkable seven-step financial wellness system – the ML-7 System – a unique array of tools, resources, services, discounts/savings, income opportunities, professional guidance and support. This proven system enables Moneylogic members to gain and maintain their financial independence so they can achieve their dreams.

Simple, affordable and proven financial wellness system.

One that enables us to overcome the money concerns that keep us up at night and achieve lasting financial independence.

That’s exactly why we created the Moneylogic ML-7 Financial Wellness System.

This innovative seven-step system brings together all of the critical, interlinked components needed for financial wellness:

   * Knowing where you stand
   * Reducing expenses
   * Managing debt
   * Protecting our lifestyle
   * Increasing our savings
   * Increasing our income
   * Reducing stress

Financial freedom is a matter of choice – not a matter of chance.