Hello! My name is Qua and I’m part time internet marketer I sell all kind of stuff on the internet from digital product to physical products.

I started off in internet marketing in 2012 while I was still working in a 9 to 6 job in a developer with a very low fix salary, I know that it is not the way to continue like that and I knew that by the end of my working days I might not save enough for the rest of my days, so I started of searching alternate ways to earn more income. After a few weeks of research and also attending a few seminars about internet marketing I realise that this is a very good niche to pay more attention to simply because it is so easy to enter the internet world, u just need a lap top and internet connection. I started on selling physical products as an affiliate marketer, in about 6months time my monthly income from the internet has passed my income of my day job, and now im not worrying about money.

I started on internet marketing in 2012 primarily because I’m tired of being an employee working all the time sometime 7 days a week just to make other people rich and because i am getting a very low salary I also needed a method to make more income and one that have very low entry barrier, to create a website the lowest it can cost was just around $20 USD, when I found it out I was wondering WTH let just give it a try, and went my income keep raising and never stop since then.

The main intention of creating this website is to help those who wanted to earn more money and for those who tried to google the keyword “how to earn more money”, if you have tried it you will find tons of ways to make more money, some might be good but some are just crap, my intention of creating this website is to help those that wanted to earn more money and like to have the time and location freedom.

all the link in this side is selected by me, to help you grow your income, so give it a try! Your freedom is waiting for you.

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