"Monica Cook is a Real Estate expert and entrepreneur based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Monica has spent the last 17 years learning the ins and outs of the mortgage, real estate, home flipping and vacation rental business. Monica is currently the Owner of two different companies while managing her real estate and investing team helping clients, and students navigate through the complexities of real estate on a day-to-day basis. Monica has  has closed more than 100 mortgage and 200 real estate transactions, making her distinguished in her field. Throughout her career in Real Estate, Monica has immersed herself in all facets of the industry, becoming an expert in helping her clients and students buy and sell real estate, remodeling, flipping homes, negotiating short-sells and acquiring foreclosures, and luxury vacation rentals. She also has a wealth of experience on the financing side, working to help secure loans and secure competitive mortgages for her clientele
Currently serving as the CEO of M Cook corp. and Realtor at Utah’s Best Real Estate Group. Despite whether it’s finding them the home of their dreams or helping them gain value from their existing property or teaching students to invest in real estate. Monica is driven to help people succeed.

Monica'a first entry into the Real Estate industry was in 1999 when she became a Loan Officer. Realizing the value she could bring to customers in helping them make one of life’s biggest choices, she became a Mortgage Broker in 2001 and got her Real Estate License in 2004. In 2013 she joined Utah’s Best Real Estate Group as a Realtor, where she helps buyers and sellers understand various real estate processes and obtain the best results.