Monitae is a business performance tool used to create a work environment that encourages full employee engagement.

Why Monitae:

Anyone managing a team knows how difficult it is to align the company strategy with the employees' individual goals and personal circumstances. Furthermore, they face the employees'  bad habit of creating information silos, where people just keep the information to themselves and don't share it with the rest.

Finally, employees often don't feel that their efforts are being recognized and rewarded This  is why employee retention sometimes becomes such a challengerecognize  who the best performers are n and then acknowledge them, which helps to secure their interest in the company.


Monitae is ready to give you the right tools to address these and other employee issues.

Benefits of our programs:

- Increases employee motivation and helps them to focus their work on the right things at the right time.
- Spreads knowledge  across the organization, sharing the best practices among employees: no more information silos!
- Easily recognizes the best performers and rewards employees, ensuring that  the  most talented remain committed to your company.


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