Mobile home park owners understand the critical importance of effective operations to the success of their investment.  Sound property management is far more than simply collecting rent.
Monolith Properties provides unparalleled property and asset management services to MHP owners.  Our primary concern is to care for your park and foster its value.  We pledge our focus to increase your returns and decrease your headaches.  100% occupancy is always our goal.
Monolith’s team brings diverse experience in real estate and operations management to build upon the best foundation of other institutional grade real estate practices.  The team is broadly experienced in manufactured home community operations in multiple western states.  Monolith’s accounting and financial reporting are unmatched in the industry.  Operational reporting is professional and customized to each client’s needs and interests.
We employ the latest technologies and tools to ensure parks run efficiently, training for park staff is consistent and keeping up with ever-changing laws, and modern advertising strategies such as online Search Engine Optimization and SEM are employed to best suit each park’s individual needs.
Monolith’s exceptional reputation benefits our clients in the form of purchasing power and resultant cost savings, access to the best vendors with priority scheduling, assurance by public agencies that matters are handled professionally and honestly, and from park residents who understand that community rules discipline is handled in a firm, fair and friendly way – benefiting not only the park but the community as well.