Montessori Seeds of Education (MSOE) is a private Montessori school serving children ages 18mos. to 15 years old. Based in the Philadelphia suburb of Merchantville NJ, our mission is to create a mindful, collaborative, and authentic Montessori experience for families. This experience is delivered by teachers, families and communities through cooperation, custom programming, and involvement. We engage students with mindful, specific and compassionate learning plans and nurture their instinctive talents utilizing Montessori classroom resources and an inspiring physical environment that embraces the natural resources of the community.

Distinctions of MSOE:
- Primary focus on educating the whole child
- An authentic Montessori experience
- Ability to readily go beyond the classroom to enhance learning experiences
- Productive student to teacher ratio, in accordance with AMI guidelines
- Effective communication between the school administration, teachers & families
- Suitable & timely responsiveness to families’ needs