Real estate. Owned several companies, handling sales, marketing and property management, Training agents to run a business. Advising those that want to open their own office.

Netweaver, matching buyer/seller with agents and agents looking for another agent to help thier clients/customer.

Team Members:

Don Moody - Seller's Agent

Kelly Lewis - Buyer's Agent

Rick Lovett - Buyer's Agent

Who do we help?

Sellers needing the right real eatste agent to help them sell their home. Buyers needing the right real estate agent to help them buy a home. Real estate agents looking for another agent to assist their client/customer in the selling or buying of a property.

How do we help?

When a seller or buyer contacts us we first look in our list of "trusted team" real estate agents for one that can help them achieve their goal. When an agent has a client/customer that needs the services of another agent I match then up with one on the "trusted team" agents so their clients/customers are properly helped.

Additional we:

Provide technology training and advise to real estate agents to help them improve their ROI.