The Moondance Restaurant and Lounge provides an upscale, fine dining experience where people can come together and enjoy the essence of life...the elements that make life worth living. Couples can come celebrate their union, dance like they were 20, listen to music with intent and passion, and hold deep conversations about their past and their future. Friends can get together and remember the times they've had, how much they've meant to each other, and relive the soundtrack of their youth via live entertainment and dancing. Singles can enjoy a safe, age-appropriate dance venue where they are respected and connect with like-minded people from our community. The Moondance Lounge is the first dinner and dancing venue of its kind, in Suwanee.

Music during the dinner hours provides the perfect blend of background ambience while also being suitable for slow dancing between courses. Then at 9pm, the entertainment kicks up a notch with more patrons stepping out on the dance floor as the focus shifts from dining to entertainment. The kitchen is open on weekends until 11pm to satisfy any late night cravings. The Moondance Lounge features several styles of music including Blues, Swing, and Jazz alongside the hits of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s depending on the entertainment schedule. They also provide dance instruction on Thursday nights in concert with the music genre for the evening.

About the Chef: Executive Chef, Todd Paige has created a mouth-watering menu featuring shared starter plates, delicious soups and salads and the most amazing petite desserts to cap off any perfect meal. Try the dessert sampler with all of their desserts handcrafted by the pastry chef. Their entrees are winning rave reviews for their exquisite taste and beautiful presentation. Enjoy a delicious array of unique dishes, as well as some new twists on more traditional items. The Moondance Restaurant & Lounge is aiming to be your choice for fine dining and entertainment!