Moose Labs Inc. was established by brothers Jay and Dan Rush in July of 2013 with the goal of creating great products for the emerging cannabis industry. With no formal training, they bought a 3d printer and began prototyping random ideas.

They took that to the next level and began manufacturing their first product "420 Stands- stands for to hold slides, dabbers, domes, and more" in their basement and selling them store to store. Over time, products and ideas evolved and an entity needed to be formed. Their dog, Moose, granted them rights to his name and “Moose Labs Inc” was born.

Their newest product, "MouthPeace," was developed to bring peace of mind to the social smoker. Designed to be a physical barrier between a pipe and your mouth, "MouthPeace" is poised to make smoking with others significantly more sanitary and satisfying. Made from 100% platinum cured silicone, its flexible, tapered design makes it a universal fit in almost every pipe.

The Rush brothers strive to be creative and original, and promise Moose Labs will always do the same.