Fluendo Embedded is the creator of Moovida, a free media software that features a slick interface.

The software makes it easy to import digital videos and music from any local folder, network or external device. It plays nearly any video or music file, with the possibility to create custom or  automatic playlists following various criteria and shuffling at random. Moovida offers rich Internet connect by assigning cover art and synopsis info to media files, and connecting to great content such as Last.fm, podcasts and online radio.

With over 600,000 downloads to date, Moovida’s software has garnered worldwide acclaim and is available in over 20 languages.

To find out more about Moovida visit: www.moovida.com.

Founded in 2006, privately owned Fluendo Embedded is the youngest of 3 companies belonging to the Fluendo group. Its counterparts are Fluendo, leader in fully-licensed multimedia solutions for Linux based desktops and devices, and Flumotion, provider for the only cross-format streaming media encoder, and open source platform server.