Company History

More Control Ltd is a dedicated supplier of automation products and automation solutions for machine builders, manufacturers and OEM’s who require a single automation product to a total automation solution. More Control was founded in 1998 in Houghton Regis by a group of Engineers who believed that machine builders and OEM’s required a more technical approach to selling.

Based in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire, More Control has established regional offices in Manchester, Peterborough, Coalvile and more recently Crawley to cater for the UK automation industry.

More Control utilises automation products from a wide selection of major automation product manufacturers held at their stock centres. More Control works with both OEM’s and Manufacturers to improve machinery and look at ways of improving the quality and efficiency of production lines.

It is More Control’s belief to provide customers with dedicated support on every automation product that is sold through the company. To offer both technical support and training on machine parts from a range of top global manufacturers.

More Control deals with a wide range of technologies including, but not limited to; PLC’s, Servos, 2D Bar Code Readers, Motion Control and Vision Sensors.

More Control have a  team of professional engineers who are available to bring their vast automation knowledge together, to work with customers’ requirements to ensure a viable automation solution is meet, that is both within the allocated budget and one that matches the desired specifications of the customer.

As a Premier Partner of Omron Ltd, More Control has exclusive access to Omron’s complete automation product range and can offer unrivalled support on Omron related automation products and automation solutions.

The principle fields of More Control’s expertise are in the supply and servicing of automation parts, equipment and bespoke automation solutions.

More Control Automation Expertise

All of the engineers have a proven track record from working with manufacturers and major machine builders on a wide variety of automation applications.

The team of engineers have served Craft Traineeships with the Control Industry and have supplemented this extensive knowledge with further engineering qualifications and have continued technical training, keeping them at the forefront of technology and innovation.

More Control Automation Products

More Control has assembled a complete range of world leading automation inspection, safety, product tracking and pneumatic products.

This allows More Control to provide a complete packaged solution for machine builders, providing enhanced performance and increase productivity of production lines at a substantially lower cost.  

More Control Automation Services

The principle automation services of More Control include:

- Machine parts kiting: allowing lean manufacturing and a reduction in costly stores inventory.
- Software & Installation: allowing out-sourcing of expertise which would be costly to maintain.
- Cost down engineering: reducing machine costs whilst maintaining machine performance.
- Breakdown support: Onsite technical support and advice for fixing, replacing and upgrading machinery and equipment.
- PLC Replacement: Provide technical support on fixing PLC faults and replacing PLC obsolete parts.
- Training: Providing the knowledge and skills required to fully benefit from advancements in automation technology.
- Automation Solutions: Custom automation applications and bespoke automation solutions for every aspects of industry.

More Control provides a total service solution to meet the needs of customers to ensure that whatever the automation requirement, More Control can provide and supply the ideal automation solution.

More Control Automation Advice

When specialist advice is required, More Control can provide an extensive resource of technical knowledge, in a very cost efficient manner.

Dealing with machine specifications, safety regulations, EMC standards are but some of the many fields of expertise that our technical advice team can offer.

More Control Automation Technical Knowledge

Through continuous product training and research development within emerging and existing technologies, More Control can facilitate a company’s progression by providing the latest cutting edge technological advances.
More Automation Solutions

From a single automation product, to a complete automation solution, More Control offers a total package, including training, system design, software writing, installation and 24 hour support.

If you would like more information about our automation services, or if you have an application that you wish to have designed or developed, feel free to contact us.