MoringaMio was founded in 2016 by Colm FitzGerald. After years of supplementing and growing moringa, Colm decided to share moringa's amazing health benefits with the world. Moringa has been a staple in India and Africa for centuries. All parts of this multi-purpose tree are used to treat a long list of ailments. Traditional uses include treatment for stomach issues, anemia, ulcers, infections, lung problems, malnutrition, kidney stones,as a breast milk production enhancer and more. Moringa leaves have shown to contain the highest amount of nutrients and are veritable storehouses of beneficial compounds.

Modern research is now proving moringa's incredible nutritional profile which includes: 25 vitamins and minerals, 46 antioxidants, 18 amino acids and 36 anti inflammatories. Numerous studies have been conducted showing this amazing tree's potential as one of the world's most powerful superfoods.

MoringaMio was founded on the idea of providing customers with the highest quality moringa available. We searched far and wide to find a source of USDA organic, additive free and pure moringa that was manufactured in the USA.

Our moringa is grown on virgin soil in Ecuador. The climate there is perfect for developing trees with the highest levels of nutritional compounds. It is shade dried to retain nutrients and then ground into a vibrant green powder.  Next the powder is inspected in the USA and packaged at a GMP compliant facility to ensure final quality. This was hugely important as moringa sourced from Asia and Africa can vary greatly in quality.

Moringa can provide numerous benefits to those who supplement with this so called "Miracle Tree"

-increased energy
-increased mental and emotional clarity
-balanced blood sugar and cholesterol
-boosted immune system
-less joint pain
-rich in anti aging compounds
-anti tumor compounds
-enhances sleep
-reduces muscle cramps

MoringaMio offers our premium organic moringa at very competitive prices and most importantly, provides our customers with a 100% money back guarantee. Discover what this all natural whole food complex can do for you!