Morningscore is a software company founded in Odense, Denmark in January 2018.

The company founder and CEO, Karsten Madsen, came from a background in digital marketing, which spawned the idea to create Morningscore - an online tool for search engine optimization that uses game elements to make SEO work fun and simple regardless of the users’ level of experience with SEO.

It all began back in the day when we were ourselves working in digital marketing.

SEO was known as an obscure marketing tactic too complex to make sense of for non-experts. And we saw agencies, consultants and self-proclaimed experts supporting that idea by over-charging clients for sometimes ineffective SEO work - and then leaving them still in the dark about what constitutes good, valuable SEO.

Given that all the existing SEO tools were designed for industry experts and dedicated SEO specialists, we wanted to change this unfortunate dynamic.

“There should be an easier way to make sense of SEO!”, we thought - and then we created Morningscore