Morribi Records *** Multi-Record Label with Core Priority of promoting Independent Musicians World-Wide.

Morribi Records is an independent label launched to better Produce, Manage and Promote Talented artists.

Mostly specialize in Hip HoP and RnB music, we also work with different style of music which vary from Afro reggae to Pop music.

Morribi Records Team gives a comprehensive management, develop and promote artists from the initial stages of a musical career through to its recognition. We are always available to provide personal advice's and information service to artists. We have seen how hard it is for so many talented youths to cope in the music industry. We took the bold step in promoting and supporting them. Our goal is to successfully produce and promote artists all over the world. We're building up a platform center for creation and musical development of a new generation artists.


We have worked under-ground in the entertainment industry for more-than 12 Years helping/assisting and promoting Artist globally. We have Staged shows/concerts and activities across Africa, Asia, Europe and America.
Our mission is to bring the entertainment industry to a unique platform where the independent artist will have less struggle to break in. Talent is golden and precious and should never die because of the financial in-capabilities of the independent Artists to generate a massive promotion that will grant them exposure/recognition. We have created a standard platform that will ensure a basic free promotion to all independent Artist globally that will atleast give them 40-50% exposure through our website/blog and social media networks including other promotional gadgets.
We also perform intensive promotion to Artist who are signed to our promotional contract. This promotion includes placing their music to all digital stores across the globe with all royalties made available to them.
Other top Artist as well as signed artist are involved in our promotional ring. Which enables them to meet people who wish to work with them or sign a multi-contract deal.
We also organize shows and deals for Artist under our promotional contract giving them the opportunity to generate avenue and exposure within a limited time.