A Forensic Mortgage Audit can expose violations committed by your lender or loan officer. These violations can carry large fines for the lender if they are properly identified and supported with solid evidence. The results of the audit can provide strong leverage for homeowners seeking a loan modification or short sale. It is no secret that the banks are not helping homeowners as they should. The lender holds all of the cards and they can be extremely difficult to work with. Violations exposed help "level the playing field" so the Homeowner has negotiating power. Our audits have successfully helped homeowners obtain Loan Modifications which can greatly reduce the mortgage payment and avoid foreclosure. Audits can also be a tremendous advantage for homeowners who want or need to sell their property, especially if the house is "under water" (means the loan balance is higher than the property value. Up to 75% of attempted short sales never close. Lenders take too long to make a decision in many cases and the Buyer walks away from the deal. Paperwork is frequently lost by the lenders or they decline the offer for many "reasons".

Audits are available in all 50 states. Visit website for more information. We DO NOT charge the homeowner any up-front fees.

David Smith founded Mortgage Loan Audit Advantage as a division of Umoveon LLC. He is a licensed Realtor and Loan Originator with over 30 years of experience. He offers free Forensic Audits to qualified Homeowners in South-East Michigan if they agree to let him be their Listing Agent. Umoveon.com is the website for Dave's Short Sale business. He not only does the Forensic Mortgage Audit for free; he also handles the negotiations with the Buyer and Seller. His expertise and the leverage provided by the audit can greatly improve and speed up the approval process so that the Buyer closes on the sale. The Audit can also be used as leverage to obtain a waiver of deficiency from the borrower.