K. W. Smith Mortuary Transportation is located in Oroville, California and has been in business for over 25 years.  We pick up deceased people from the location where they passed away, and transport them by vehicle to another location, usually a mortuary, crematory or a coroner's facility.  

We pride ourselves in handling removals in a caring, discrete and dignified manner, always striving to provide a positive representation for the mortuaries we represent.   K. W. Smith Mortuary Transportation specializes in long distance transports, and we hold a contract with the Butte County Sheriff's Office to handle their removals whenever a coroner's case needs to be transported out of county.  We are reliable and professional and have earned a sterling reputation in the mortuary transportation field.  

We have recently written and released a book titled "How To Start Your Own Mortuary Transportation Business" in the hopes that we can help people discover the unique opportunities that exist in mortuary transportation.