Mosaicthump 'a" logoI began my journey in 2003. At that time, all I wanted to do was put my thoughts out there in a format that I could share with fiends and family. I was always the guy that everyone would ask, “what good music should I buy”. I would have never guessed that it would have grown to over 3000 international subscribers..

Two years into my posts on I began to feel it’s constraints and looked for an alternative way to deliver my message. I then moved to social networking like the rest of the world. I like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter etc. because they seems to be the best outlets to share your thoughts with people who may have never come to know you otherwise. After finally getting a grip with my Twitter addiction (I am mo and I am a recovering Twitter addict); I soon decided to take all that I have learned to my own web site.

My goal is to bring you more interviews and soul music, relevant news and reviews than you are going to be able to handle. I hope that you will become the person in your family that everyone turns to for musical related questions. I have met some really cool people from around the world and they have graciously agreed to provide me with content from time to time. In my features section, I have give my peeps from around the world an opportunity to spout off about whatever they want (yes, I did say whatever they want!)

I think the coolest thing about what I do, is talking to soul music artists both indie and mainstream. I get them to talk to me on the phone about the things that we all really want to know. I prefer to call what we do “kickin’ it“. During these conversations we play music, laugh a whole lot and get rather candid sometimes; you get to hear it all right here. You will also have the opportunity to download your favorite interviews so that you can listen whenever you want.

Well that is enough about me… I am looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you and I hope you have as much fun as I do. I have a feeling you will…