Mosevic manufacture unique sunglasses in Cornwall, UK from fashion waste from the denim industry. We call them the Shades of Denim.
These fashion forward sunglasses are completly unique in appearance, quality, material and construction. We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund the first batch of the new collection and everything that goes with that. Mosevic has been set up by Jack Spencer who spent 8 years developing the products to this point. In the past Mosevic has sold previous versions of the products, incuding a collaboration with Wranger jeans.

To make the Shades of Denim, we infuse waste denim with resin, pressing wet layers of the fabric together to create a solid material. We then handcraft it into sunglasses with brass details and polarized lenses.

We have a very entertaining product video that is a must see, 3 minute advert that looks a bit like an episode of hitch hikers guide to the galaxy.