Mosquito Genie LLC is a new Southern California Business dedicated to helping people, pets and the planet eliminate mosquitoes, gnats and no-see-ums, using a solar-powered outdoor lamp and all natural organic ingredients as seen at www.mosquito-genie.com

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The Inventor Thomas W Fleming is an Industrial Designer whose career has been recognized for excellence by The Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  

Inventor, Thomas W Fleming

Tom is an accomplished Industrial Designer who has been recognized for Design-Excellence by the Museum of Modern Art.  He has over 20 patents to his name, has had his work in the Los Angeles Museum of Art, and has been published in “The Bauhaus, 50 Years After”.

After graduating from Georgia Tech, his early corporate career was in Los Angeles. In 1996 he moved his family to San Diego to develop new products in hearing protection.

Tom always remembered early childhood memories of the scars on his Dad’s chest from the early days of X-ray, a part of his life as a malaria survivor.  He also remembers the mosquito tanker trucks that sprayed his neighborhood with DDT every season for mosquito control near his home.

This background led him to create the environmentally-friendly Mosquito Genie®. He instinctively knew there was a natural solution to mosquito control, and the outcome was Mosquito Genie®.

Co-Founder, James A (Jae) English

Jae has been in product development his whole career.  In corporate America, including 13 years with Xerox, he was involved in design, marketing and management of more than a dozen major programs.  As owner of Pacific Plastics since ’88, he has produced over a thousand different parts and contributed design input to hundreds of them.

Injection molding requires an expensive mold before the first plastic part is produced, and many start-up companies offer partnership opportunities in return for “free molds.”  Jae learned early-on to resist such temptations if he wanted to stay in business.

However, after following Tom’s progress with Mosquito Genie® for several years, he realized that he wanted to join the project.  He knew and trusted Tom, Tom needed his help, and Mosquito Genie® was a rare “feel-good” product.  It had huge potential both from a business perspective and in its ability to benefit mankind by controlling mosquitoes.

Mosquito Genie ® is now one of Jae’s favorite projects because it brings to market a product that is affordable to anyone who wants to enjoy their yard, patio, or deck without mosquito bites.

Jae has an engineering degree from Penn State and an MBA from The Wharton School.

Features and Benefits

Here’s what you get with Mosquito Genie®:

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® greatly reduces local mosquito population
Benefit:    Reclaim and enjoy your patio, deck, and yard

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® Uses all-natural ingredients
Benefit:    Safe for people, pets and the environment

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® is solar-powered
Benefit:    Self-contained, no power cord, no electric bill

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® light attracts mosquitoes to kill them
Benefit:    Doubles as attractive accent lamp—looks good anywhere

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® is automatic—on-at-dusk and off-at-dawn
Benefit:    No maintenance, no monitoring—just set it and forget it

Feature:   Mosquitoes flutter away to die
Benefit:    No mess, no traps to empty and clean

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® is quiet and peaceful
Benefit:    No zapping sounds to disturb the peace

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® kills only mosquitos, gnats and no-see-ums
Benefit:     Mosquito Genie® does not kill ladybugs, fire-flies or other beneficial insects

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® has low initial Price—$39.95
Benefit:    Lower than any comparable product

Feature:   Jar of Mosquito Mix™ good for 3 months
Benefit:    Low operating cost, no monthly maintenance

Feature:   Mosquito Genie® is simpler, smaller, and smarter
Benefit:    Not big, bulky and ugly like competition

When we asked people about existing mosquito products, here’s what they said—and we paid attention.

•They don’t like an AC cord coming from a product
•They don’t like dangerous man-made chemistry
•They don’t like a CDC phone number required for toxic insecticides
•They don’t like dealing with traps that have to be cleaned
•They don’t like replacing a special light bulb once a month
•They don’t like buying a CO2 container on a regular basis
•They don’t like anything big and bulky on their patio or deck
•They don’t like noisy “zappers” that kill ladybugs