Mostly Myrtle’s was established in 2002 as a Part Time business and transitioned to a Full Time endeavor in 2008.
We are thrilled to participate in Farmer's Markets in the Downstate New York/ Northern New Jersey areas and have enjoyed tremendous success at various Specialty Food and High-End Craft Shows.

Our first Gluten Free products were our Chocolate Chunk Biskookys and our Wicked Good Brownies. A blend of the finest Gluten Free ingredients available coupled with a healthy dose of Food Science Research and Development has evolved into an expanding line of irresistible Gluten Free products.
Who knew that just two years later, we would be focusing our efforts in this highly specific niche of Specialty Foods ? We are delighted with the response we've received from the Celiac, and
Gluten-Sensitive communities as well as from our customers who purchase them just

Wholesale opportunities are available to Specialty Food Stores and Restaurants as well.


    We craft our products from scratch. Our Biskookys are hand-rolled and hand-cut providing the uniquely light crunchy texture that sets them apart. Crafting by hand results in Biskookys that may vary in size but we love this quirkey quality and that is why we package them by weight not by product number.
See some crumbles at the bottom of your package?
Enjoy them on Ice Cream, Yogurt or your Morning Pancakes.because they like them.
Although we produce our Gluten-Free products in a shared facility, we adhere to good manufacturing practices to minimize cross contamination. These include separate production area with dedicated equipment, dedicated tools and pans. We have segregated storage for Gluten Free ingredients and finished product. Additionally, we now perform periodic testing utilizing the Elisa Technologies, Inc. test kits. These tests can assess Gluten in excess of 10 ppm (parts per million). Our staff receives ongoing training and supervision to assure adherence to the protocal required for safe Gluten Free Baking.