A court documentary and story of extraordinary suffering.  A real life living nightmare of a never ending plight about a daughter’s struggle to bring quality life to her mother once dementia robs the family of all normalcy. Not only does dementia grossly destroy the family, but the greedy, selfish, and predators pack together like hyena to prey intending to devour and consume all till absolutely nothing remains. If that’s not enough pain and treachery for this family the ultimate betrayal of all that is civilized takes place. As a last resort, the courts are brought in and refuse to investigate the dynamics of this family. Judges bestowed with the power of the State of Indiana leave the matriarch to the vultures. The ruthless treachery is all included in actual documentation of court proceedings and evidence available to the courts spitefully ignored. You will witness the most unbelievable, nonsensical and uncaring display of Pro Se (perhaps largest) litigation ever in modern family court history.

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Sandra Black
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Sandra Black was born and raised in Marion, Indiana.  She takes great pride in her first and primary love, the Creator of her soul, GOD.  She graduated HS from Marion High with a 3.3 GPA and went on to further her education at Tuskegee Univeristy where she received a conferred Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering.  She has held several engineering related positions and became disabled.  She pursued her first love the study of our creator and His creations.  After intense years of study Sandra went on to publish a book entitled the “Ultimate Deceit of the Human Race: The Ezzrath Theory.”  Sandra would eventually travel back and forth from home to Africa to further increase her spiritual endeavors.  Eventually her mother would develop Dementia.  Mother Enslaved is a product of this experience.