"IA Entertainments" is a Leading Manufacturers of Thrill Ride in Pakistan,. Thrill Ride Presents Various Motion Ride Thrilling Movies.,

3D Films in Outdoor Cinema and Shows in Buildings/Malls/Parks are a good way of entertainment for Amusement Lovers. In the Cinemation,
“Thrill Ride / Motion Ride” audiences enjoy stunning 3D Visuals combined with a full 3 Degrees Of Motions with External Effects. It’s
an immersive show as good as any Amusement Park Attraction. Everyone has a great time in "Thrill Ride" while Watching Different Motion Ride
Movies and people want to do it again and again, more and more!

“Thrill Ride / Motion Ride” is giving different 12 Choice of Motion Ride Films in Various Motions like Fast, Medium and Slow Motions
along with External effects which makes “Thrill Ride / Motion Ride” Superior then the other Simulation System working in Pakistan. Soon
we will offer 20 Choice of Films with more external effects.
Thrill Ride, is a Thrilling Action for Thrill Lovers. So Lots of Thrilling Fun are awaited for you to Get Thrilled...
Our Projects are:

4D Motion Ride = F1 Traxx, Lakeview Park, Islamabad
4D Thrill Ride    = Ayub National Park, Rawalpindi
4D Thrill Ride    = Adjacent Rahat Bakers, Rawalpindi
4D Thrill Ride    = National Club, D.I.Khan
4D Thrill Ride    = Adjacent Mr. Cod, Abbottabad
Also Coming in many other Cities......InshAllah

As the craze of 3D films are spectacular and spreading very fast, Now you can also Purchase and install this Awesome Motion Ride
at Suitable Places in Parks/Mall/Markets for best business opportunity etc..

for this please contact and email us at:

Contact:- +92-300-8566445