Motorhome City offers owners of motorhomes the opportunity to hire them out and achieve a substantial income from their motorhomes.
Earn- up to £4960* for only 8 weeks hire in summer (July and August).
Earn – up to £9800 per year** for only 6 months usage (24 weeks) leaving the other 24 weeks available for your own exclusive use.
It is a UK wide network of motorhomes from 2 berths to larger American style RV’s and the ages of motorhomes available to hire are from brand new 2010 models, to older cherished motorhomes, so the rates of hire vary depending on which Motorhome you choose to hire.
Maximise your investment to the full by hiring out your motorhome for periods that suit you, that can be fully adjusted by you to show the full availability of your motorhome and the periods that you have set aside for your personal use. View some of our motorhomes already available for Hire, and you will see the way that your motorhome will be displayed to its full potential.
It is possible to earn in excess of this amount if you are prepared to hire out for slightly longer periods. Motorhomes hires usually average between 28 - 35 weeks per year, so you can add to your rental income if you so wish.
Click on any motorhome in the list to bring up the full motorhome webpage. This will display up to 6 pictures of the motorhome, seasonal prices, availability (via its unique calendar), a full description of the vehicle together with any extras it has. You can make an enquiry regarding the motorhome, or book it directly, on the forms at the bottom of each motorhome webpage.
You will find the Hire Rates Table for all motorhomes just below the motorhome classification on each motorhome webpage as well as the individual rates (both weekly and daily rates) displayed on each motorhome webpage.
Motorhome Classifications: All motorhomes are different and we categorise them A, B, C or D (depending on age/condition/value and extras). Top of the range motorhomes are “A” Class, and older motorhomes can be class B, C or D. Hire rates will depend on the motorhome classification with an "A" classification being the most expensive and then reducing down to "D" classification.
Motorhome City offer motorhomes, campervans and mobile homes (whatever you wish to call them) for hire and rental throughout the UK. Whether you are looking for a main holiday or just a short break, a camping trip, a touring holiday in the UK or any of its regions or counties, whether you wish to travel in a luxury motorhome or a cheap camper, all at the best prices, we are sure you will find the right vehicle for you on this website.
UK wide Motorhome and Campervan Rental, grouped by UK region for easy selection. We offer some of the best rates available for motorhome hire and campervan rental anywhere in the UK and Ireland, as well as a simple classification system that will allow you to choose between newer or older motorhomes available for hire at significantly different prices (The price for a 6 berth motorhome in the peak season starts at £584 and goes up to £900, fully inclusive, depending on the category of motorhome or camper). Most motorhomes are privately owned and others are from commercial hire companies who offer their own brand of Motorhome Hire and Campervan Rental. All of our prices are displayed on each motorhome webpage and rates include comprehensive vehicle insurance.
You can make a substantial income from your motorhome or campervan rental. Its easy to register and we aim to fully protect your investment (read how we do this via the Earn button). How does an extra £4,960 for just 8 weeks hire in summer sound? You choose when it is available for hire and when it is not by means of our unique calendar feature. Display your motorhome or campervan to its full potential with up to 6 pictures in its own webpage that is fully editable by the owner. You will then have a full webpage to advertise your investment, and it is fully controlled by you. Just hit the Earn button, above, to make an extra income from the rental of your motorhome or campervan.
As you can see, Motorhome City can provide you with motorhomes and campervans for your main holiday/vacation or short breaks away from it all, at extremly competative rates and with cheap rentals available on some of our slightly older models. If you are looking for a touring holiday, and there is no better way to travel - go where you want and stop where you wish, have a look at the wide variety of motorhomes and campervans in our Hire section. We now offer larger luxury motorhomes to hire or rent - simply use the "berth selection" part on the Hire page. Due to our unique classification system (we categorise motorhomes and campervans by age into a 4 scale category) we offer some of the best prices for motorhome hire in the UK.