The solid core of Mountain Heart Nepal is mostly made up out of medical professionals who were either working or doing an internship in various hospitals in Kathmandu at the time of the earthquake. They were confronted first hand with mass casualties as a direct result of the earthquake and managed, facilitated and offered hands on care to a huge flow of patients with a variety of injuries presenting themselves.

After the initial influx of patients following the disaster, many of these health workers felt it was necessary to help out with ongoing issues. The earthquakes and persistent aftershocks resulted in people being displaced in temporary camps and shelters, while other more remote communities stayed disconnected from health care facilities for a prolonged time. In order to alleviate the situation of these people, we took it upon ourselves to organize health expeditions to these shelters and communities. To optimize the planning of expeditions and enable collaboration with other institutions, we decided to unite under the non-profit banner of Mountain Heart Nepal.