At MOUS, our mission is to help everyone achieve a healthy, active lifestyle through a more hygienic hydration and supplementation experience (cue: our bottles). Alongside this, we’d also like to help those in need be their healthiest, happiest selves.

Where style meets functionality. The MOUS™ Fitness Bottle is the one bottle for all your fitness needs. It adopts a sleek, stylish yet functional design and is the only bottle that truly focuses on the health and hygiene of the user. Its unique modular, ergonomic and easy to clean design, uses the highest quality BPA free materials. The introduction of a truly round, non-stick bottom, minimizes the ability of bacteria and odor to accumulation in your bottle. It makes your hydrating and supplementing experience healthier and more enjoyable.

Perfect for the use of shaking supplements, infusing waters, enjoying smoothies on the go and as an everyday water bottle - it’s the multi-purpose fitness bottle for wherever your active lifestyle takes you and for however you choose to fuel and hydrate your body.