Introducing MouthWatch - a revolutionary in-home oral health monitoring system that visually connects your patients to your practice, allowing them to see for themselves the dental care they need.

MouthWatch combines the best features of an intraoral camera with innovative patient engagement software that facilitates exam and concern tracking, sharing and reminders. It invites your patients to begin the evaluation process themselves, helping you develop new lines of communication that increase your patients’ engagement—and your revenue.

Having the ability to remotely view patient images lets you determine if their concerns necessitate  an office visit—and reduces telephone conversation time. Mouthwatch also “locks” patients to your practice, helping build patient loyalty. Plus, the improved wellness your patients experience will create amazing word-of-mouth marketing for your practice. All this for the price of a rechargeable toothbrush.

- In-home intraoral camera system
- "Patient-discovered" treatment acceptance
- Patients see need for cleanings/recall
- Improves post-treatment care and adherence
- Consumer friendly price point
- Enhances chair time efficiency