How MovingKidsClub Came to Be!

A few years ago my business partner and close friend Nicholas were sitting just outside a park area and what we noticed that day changed our lives! Children had this entire playground at their fingertips, unfortunately what they really had at their fingertips were iPads, smartphones and any other electrical gadget  that was hot on the market.

RIGHT THEN!!! The idea for “MovingKidsClub” was born. We both decided it’s time to change the direction of what’s happening to our youth.

We observed of an increasing number of children who are exhibiting poor basic movement skills. As children take to their idle toys, such as iPads and electrical gadgets, they seem to forgo outdoor games and sports, which encourages essential development of movement skills.

This, to us, is a worrying trend, as we feel that this will bring about detrimental health and social implications to children in the future. For instance, children who have poor foundation in psychomotor skills may become reluctant to engage in games and sports with their friends, due to a sense of incompetence and a lack of self-confidence.

We at MovingKidsClub would like to return to the children what Sports has given us. Values, Sportsmanship, A Never Say Die attitude and a whole lot more.

We would like engage groups of children and provide a platform where they will learn sports knowledge, specific sports skills and introduce to them a whole world of sports for them to explore!

Do help us on our mission to impact the world for the better today!