Moving is a challenge. if you're downsizing, it means sorting through closets, basements and attics, along with hundreds of decisions and a lifetime of memories. The to-do list is endless and takes time from the things that matter most, like family, health and friends. Illness, work and caregiving all add extra burdens. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. Whether you're moving, emptying your parents' home or simply decluttering, you don't have to do it alone. Moving Solutions can help.

Moving Solutions provides guidance and structure to help you make decisions. Together, we develop a move plan that fits your needs. Our specialists are well-trained, fully insured and bonded. We provide expertise and hands-on help so your move is seamless and worry-free.

Typical services include planning and organizing the move, developing customized floor plans, arranging for donation and sale of unneeded items, scheduling and overseeing movers, packing and unpacking and completely resettling your new home. If your house will be sold, we stage your home to maximize its marketability.

Since its beginning 1996, Moving Solutions has been a leader in Senior Move Management. We are proud to be Founding Members of the National Association of Senior Move Management (NASMM). Margit Novack, Moving Solutions President, is NASMM's Founding President. Margit also heads NASMM's Ethics Compliance Committee.

With features in national media such including Time Magazine, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and NPR, Moving Solutions has helped create awareness of the industry. Moving Solutions offers on-site training for entrepreneurs interested in becoming Senior Move Managers. .

In 2007, Moving Solutiuons founded eSMMART, a web-based training platform that defines industry standards for employee training. Moving Solutions was the first company to require every employee to earn a Certificate in Senior Move Management (cSMM).