SEiiAN Rewards (Australia) is the parent company of mplifyr LLC (United States). SEiiAN Rewards created mplifyr ('amplifier'), a global software that connects businesses, organizations (charities, non-profits and schools) and individuals all over the world in one platform.

Businesses can use mplifyr to create their own powerful, customized incentive program to rival large programs, but at a fraction of the cost.

Charities, schools and non-profits can build their own engagement program on mplifyr to engage, incentivize and reward their volunteers, donators and supporters.

Individuals can access all of the programs built by businesses and organizations on mplifyr and earn and redeem with any of them, using a Universal Point system.

The loyalty program software incorporates gamification features to create engagement amongst users.

A portion of what businesses pay to use mplifyr goes directly to charities, non-profits and schools at least four times a year.