Mr Green stuff is an accredited Green Painter based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia - servicing the southern Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and Valley regions.

The company specialises in NO VOC environmentally friendly painting for commercial and residential buildings.

What are NO VOC Paints?

NO VOC paints are free of volatile organic compounds - VOCs are the nasty stuff found in normal mainstream paints.

Independent research has shown that VOCs contribute to many health conditions including asthma, cancer, ADHD, sick building syndrome and more.

As one of the Gold Coast's most experienced Green Painters, Mr Green Stuff has researched many green painting alternatives and has sourced a premium NO VOC paint from a fully Australian-owned company based in Byron Bay.

The paint is of a premium quality, offers great coverage, can match 36,000 colours and most importantly it is competitively priced.

You won't pay extra if you decide to go green.

The Mr Green Stuff Story...

The company is headed by owner Todd Heness - a professional painter with over 15 years painting experience.

He started Mr Green Stuff after finding about VOCs and what they were doing not only to his health but to the health of clients and also the effects they have of the environment.

He enrolled in a Green Painters course on the Gold Coast and the idea of Mr Green Stuff was borne.

It is a challenge to convince a skeptical market that green paint that is good for the environment and your health is also as good as mainstream paint.

Even with all the knowledge about VOCs many paint shop workers where you buy paint are not convinced by the science.

There is no denying fact. VOCs are BAD for your health.

Eliminating these from your indoor environment is one of the best things you can do for the quality of the air you breathe when inside your homes or your offices.

As a commercial and residential Green Painter, Mr Green Stuff can offer quotes for large or small projects.

So why use NO VOC paints? Why call Mr Green Stuff for your next painting project?

Because there is no reason why not.

You'll get a quality paint job and finish, receive quality tradesman service PLUS you'll be doing your health and the environment a favour by eliminating VOCs from the air you breathe.


Mr Green Stuff
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