Mr Klean Laundry & Ironing services is a premium Ironing and laundry services created with a vision to pioneer Ironing and Laundry services, through focus on quality, trust, personal commitment and and excellent customer care.
We bring the best Ironing and Laundry services at your doorstep. We collect clothes from your home/office process them with all the desired tasks and deliver them back to you.


* Ordinary Laundromats use direct sunlight sunlight for dry your clothes which
 causes color fading, shrinkage of clothes and diminish your clothes lifespan,
 whereas we do not  use direct sunlight for drying them,
* We do not use hard chemicals for washing clothes,
* Our Steam Ironing procedure kills all the bacteria and makes clothes 100% clean
 and hygienic ,
* We offer free door to door pickup and delivery service,
* We delivery Laundry within 48 hrs viz fastest in the town.


* Our Steam ironing provides clean and crispy quality you always desired   for,
* Our Steam ironing produces steam output which not only removes wrinkles   but also softens and moisturises your clothes,
* Assured delivery within 7 Hrs in regular service and 4 Hrs in express   service,
* Regular coal and electric iron damages the cloth fibre as they come in   contact with direct heat, therefore diminishing the lifespan   and makes the   cloth look dull   day by day,
* Affordable charges of steam ironing starting at just Rs 4,
* Quality assurance,
* Peace of mind guaranteed.


We understand our responsibility towards the society, therefore 20% of the total profit made by the company will be used for the  upliftment of the poor and needy section of the society.