MRSA-UV™ manufactures the most cost effective total UV room sanitizer for disinfecting surfaces in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, cruise ships and any facility where pathogens may be suspected to exist. MRSA-UV's Helix 450XL can disinfect all surfaces in as little as 10 minutes and rooms can be reoccupied immediately after treatment.

Touch surfaces are well known to be the primary transmission mode for HAI’s such as MRSA, C. diff, Norovirus, VRE, E. coli, Klebsiella, Salmonella and most other pathogenic microbes. Recent research indicates that manual cleaning, even with the most powerful cleaning agents, miss over 50% of microbes. Adding UVC treatment following regular deep cleaning provides added assurance of a completely sanitized room.

MRSA-UV, besides selling their advanced Helix 450XL, also provides an innovative and cost effective service where we apply an antimicrobial surface coating that prevents the growth of all dangerous microbes on all hard surfaces as well as textiles, fabrics and even carpets. This substrate is totally green and is effective for two years following treatment. Cleaning does not remove our PCO substrate.

MRSA travels internationally so as to apply this innovative misting substrate for hotels, hospitals, clinics, cruise lines, airports, public transportation or any facility concerned with contagious microbes.

Please see our website at: www.MRSA-UV.com    (561-531-9398)