MsBellezza is a high-fashion jewelry line, local to the Bay Area.  Using Swarovski crystals, semiprecious stones, with exquisite gold, white gold, mixed metals and beadwork, MsBellezaa offers three collections, Everyday, Cocktail, and Bridal.  Every piece has a limited quantity, sometimes only having 1 or 3 pieces for each design.  The three paradigms ensure that there is something perfect for every woman.

Our Every Day Collection is our more casual line for women who are a bit more conservative, but still fashion-forward in the workplace.
Our Cocktail Collection is a little more glamorous, perfect for after-hours work events and social networking. This collection can be paired with anything, from jeans to dresses.
Our Hollywood Collection, formerly known as our special occasions collection, is what you'll see on the current season of Dancing with the Stars, season 12, red carpet events, and the this year's Emmys.
Our Bridal Collection is just that - an array of jewelry perfect for any bride and bridal party.
In all three collections, we pride ourselves in being affordable while still offering glamorous and luxe jewelry, allowing style to come first and the price tag second.

MsBellezza has been seen in fashion shows, fashion blowg, on celebrities and pop stars, on Dancing with the Stars, season 12, and in print in high-fashion magazines.  What you won’t see, though, is a MsBellezza Boutique phyiscal store.  We're always on the go with new projects and ventures, so don't like to be be tied down to any one location!  Based in San Francisco's Bay Area, our jewelry can be seen on our website, msbellezza.com, fashion shows, trunk shows, private consultations and viewings, and in the select boutiques that offer our selection.  We are also very personal — we want our clients to love the jewelry, so we’ll do whatever we need to make that happen.

Owner and Designer, Catherine Potgieter, gets her inspiration from international traveling, mixing in beadwork from South Africa to the aesthetics of Hong Kong. She appreciates beautify for what it is, and her passion shows in her craftwork.  An entrepreneur  herself, Catherine bears an enthusiasm for discovering local and aspiring fashion designers, featuring local work in her shows and soirees.  If she is anything, Catherine is dedicated to her community and wants nothing more than to see her clients captivating others with their glamour and their MsBellezza jewels.

“MsBellezza Jewelry’s future is a colorful and sparkling one. Our goal is to continue offering top quality and unique fashion jewelry that will fit any occasion on any budget.”

--Catherine Potgieter