Established in the year 2010, Mass Flow Measurement Systems Of Liquids & Measurement Systems Of Liquids & Gases is a reputed Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of a variety of Flow Meters.

Infrastructure:Our infrastructure is one of the key factors that add up to our ability to come up with the world-class range of Flow Meters. We have about 5000 Sq Ft large calibration unit with the latest machines and equipment that can produce more than100 Flow Meters. We have separate departments for Testing and R&D. Testing facilities include fully automated and computerized calibration testing for most of the flow meters. We use CAD (Computer-Aided Design)/CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) facility for accurate designing of the Flow Meters.

Team:Our team acts as the backbone of the company and facilitates the carrying out of the various processes in an efficient and successful manner. Our team is comprised of experienced technicians, quality controllers, procurement agents etc. These individuals work in a systematic arranged manner to get first-rate Flow Meters.

Quality Assurance:We follow the principle of quality as our priority. We always take care that our Flow Meters are of ultimate quality and are in conformation to international quality standards. The Flow Meters that we make are made as per the approved quality standards and are known for accuracy.
    Flow Meter Types
»     Air Flow Meter
»     Ultrasonic Flow meter
»     Thermal Mass Flow meter
»     Mass Flow Controller (MFC)
»     Coriolis Mass Flow meter
»     Rotameter
»     Positive Displacement PD Meter
»     Vortex shedding Flow meter
»     Multiparameter Mass Vortex
»     Medical Flowmeter
»     Turbine Flow meter
»     Gas Flowmeter
»     Compressed Air Meter
»     Calorimetric Flow meter
»     OEM Flowmeter
»     Low Flow Measurement
»     Electromagnetic Flow meter
»     Insertion Flow Meter
»     Paddle Meter
»     Variable Area Flow meter
»     Doppler Flow meter
»     Transit-Time
»     Portable Flow meter
»     Laminar Mass Flow meter
»     Green House Gas Flow meter
»     Flow meter for Clean Energy
»     Venturi Flow meter
»     Open Channel Flow meter
»     Flumes & Weirs
»     Compound Meter
»     Smart Meters
»     Multiphase Flowmeter
»     Orifice plate
»     Differential Pressure

    Flow Indication & Control
»     Straighteners / Conditioners
»     Static Mixers
»     Vaporizer Systems
»     Sight Glass Indicators
»     Flow Switch
»     Indicator Panels
»     Watercut meters
»     Flow Sensors
»     Flow Nozzles
»     Crude Oil Mixing
»     Leak Detection
»     Air Eliminators
»     Automatic Meter Reading
»     Net Oil Computer
»     Water Meters
»     Wind Meters
»     Test and Calibration Centers
»     Flow Bench
»     Hydraulic Flow Switch