Ms. J’s Classroom is a community of free-spirits engaging in decolonization arts and sciences. Artist and Activist Educator J. LeShae, leads the initiative, and creates artwork, exhibitions, events, and educational programs to share as tools of scholarship.  Her centers energetic balance and has particular affinity for the natural world, (ab)original peoples, and the inter-dimensional wisdom and power of wombs.  Ms. J is within nearly twenty years of observation of the impact of decolonization practices on self. She also has almost fifteen years of social studies of experiments with child and adult education. J uses community talks and art exhibitions as "comm-university" (credit: Ashra & Merira Kwesi) spaces to share affirmation and decolonization; then spark organization and innovation. Ms. J’s Classroom mission is the same as every movement J had joined: Freedom for me. Liberation for everybody.