We offer medical transcription services to Hospitals, Clinics and Individual Doctors range from sole practitioners through to large organizations and we are fully compliant with Canadian/American and international government privacy standards.
Our team is capable of creating professional medical reports which enhance the reputation of your practice. We completely understand the importance of accurate transcriptions, turnaround times and need for a supportive backend professional organization to manage your transcription needs.
MT4U2 Medical Transcription is a Canadian owned company which provides professionally operated quality medical.

Transcription services both nationally and overseas.

We are an energetic client-focused business that strives to meet customers’ needs and expectations.

MT4U2 Medical Transcription Service is built on the principles of supplying a high quality service at reasonable and highly competitive prices.  We are leading the way in Medical Transcription - providing tailored solutions to companies requiring instant responses, continuously developing according to the rapidly changing technological world in which we live and work.  Our unique service and personal touch has established our market leading place within this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients, effectively saving them time and money.