[MTASA], a non-profit 501(c) organization founded in 2005 with a purpose of developing educational multidisciplinary programs, incorporating visual and performing arts to fight illiteracy and school drop-out among children & teens. [MTASA]’s intention is to teach students how to learn. In doing so, students emerge with a strong foundation in the basic skills, and education is promoted as a life-long process, placing extraordinary
emphasis on hands-on learning and teaching.

Named in honor of Mark Twain, MTASA developed an Interactive Scrapbook Endeavors Program (ISEP), where scrapbooking arts is one of the major components of every project.  The majority of people know Mark Twain as one of America’s great writers, humorists and social critics, but few know him as a lifelong creator and keeper of scrapbooks. It was so important for him to document his personal and professional life that he devoted Sunday afternoons to scrapbooking.  His scrapbooks, filled with pictures, memorabilia, drawings, cartons, articles about his books and performances,  portrayed not only his life, but social, cultural and political life in the 19th Century.  

Coming into the 21st century, the role of scrapbooking is no longer limited to just preserving memories, it has now become a powerful educational tool.  In today’s world, where modern scrapbooking connects inquiry with discovery, MTASA is committed to experiential learning through the rigorous practice of an arts integrated curriculum.  Each student’s experience with the Endeavor is unique. The scrapbook serves to enhance the interconnectedness between what they learn and their life in the world.   MTASA expects that students, through self-reflection, sharing, and detailed learning, will cultivate a practice of respect for themselves and others, including family, friends, and the community as a whole.

Media Literacy is one of the many themes offered.  Journalism plays a large role in this particular project.  Teen-2-Teen [T2T] Magazine is an international print and online publication  FOR teens, written and put together BY teens, on a wide variety of subjects that are of interest TO teens.  Among other things, this magazine gives talented teenagers around the world an opportunity to get experience and exposure, showing off their talents in journalism, creative writing, and art (including photography, drawing, others).  We are hoping to bring the joy of reading into teens' lives.